What Does It Cost?

Residents enter into a Residence & Care Agreement (contract) with Kendal at Hanover by paying a one-time entry fee and ongoing monthly fees that cover a residence, services and amenities, and a comprehensive package of health care services including long-term care for the rest of their lives. Additionally, our residents have access to our on-site Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic. Through this relationship we offer access to renowned physicians and person-centered, coordinated care.

Kendal at Hanover offers several options in our Residence & Care Agreement:

  • Our Standard Residence & Care Agreement (also referred to as a “Type A” Life Care Contract) is what our Schedule of Fees is based upon. This option has a 2% monthly declining balance refund available. After 50 months, there is no refund available. The cost associated for this type of Agreement is provided by submitting the information below.
  • Two other options of our Residence & Care Agreement are our 50% Refundable Agreement and our Agreement with Long-Term Care Insurance. The Entry Fees for both of these options are determined by several factors, such as age or amount of coverage. Our Admissions & Marketing staff would be happy to discuss these options further.

The Agreements above include the right of occupancy in the apartment for the resident’s lifetime as long as they can safely occupy it, and a package of services, amenities and health care. All include unlimited assisted living and higher levels of care in our health center as needed.

Another Agreement, our Agreement for Admission to Assisted Living, may be offered to applicants who do not medically qualify for our Residence & Care Agreements. During our Admissions process, applicants provide updated medical information and are assessed by both our health center and Clinic staff. These assessments include a cognitive test and review of the applicant’s medical history.

20 Page Booklet “Lifecare: Everything You Need to Know.”
Entry Fee Assistance Program & Application

Is it Worth the Wait?

Many people delay joining a Wait List, or even exploring their options, until there is a medical concern. Applicants who wait too long may be limited to an Agreement for Admission to Assisted Living contract as a result of these medical concerns. We strongly encourage anyone interested in living at Kendal at Hanover to join our Wait List sooner rather than later, as there is no penalty for deferring an apartment at any stage of the process.

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