The Kendal at Hanover Early Learning Center

We currently DO NOT have openings in our Early Learning Center.
For more information please contact or 603-643-7020.

The Children’s Center is a program of Kendal at Hanover that is supported by the corporation and residents founded on Kendal’s Quaker-based Values and Practices. The program began operations over 20 years ago and is financially underwritten by Sarah Sapir Eisen Child Care Fund.  KAHELC exists to provide an early learning experience for young children while their parents are working.



KAHELC is open daily Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The Center provides quality care and educational programs for children ranging in age from 6 weeks through six years. There are three separate classrooms: one serving infants; the second, toddlers; and finally, preschoolers.

cookingKAHELC faculty and staff are nurturing and experienced with an average tenure of over five years with Kendal at Hanover. Many of the teaching staff are pursuing professional development opportunities, including continuing education specifically in early childhood education or other national credentialing programs.  Each staff member has completed rigorous background checks, including fingerprinting, in both New Hampshire and Vermont and with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Because the Center is located at Kendal at Hanover, the children benefit from the wide variety of offerings available on the 64-acre campus, including access to hiking trails,  the pond and occasional trips to the Connecticut River, access to transportation for field trips, and indoor gross motor area and the indoor pool.  One of our finest features is our intergenerational program—an opportunity for the children to spend time with our older citizens. Intergenerational programs support healthy development of young children and older adults gain personal satisfaction by volunteering, building relationships with children and staff and contributing to the academic success of young children.

Educational Vision

KAHELC believes that every child and family should be appreciated for who they are.  We understand that children come from different backgrounds and cultures and our goal is to support each child’s individuality.  Social and Emotional wellbeing is the foundation of healthy, overall development of young children and we strive to support this wellbeing though healthy relationships with families, providing a quality early learning environment and curriculum that supports multiple intelligences.

Emergent Curriculum

kidsBased on the concepts created by Reggio Emelia, Emergent Curriculum teaches to the multiple intelligences of each child.  KAHELC creates an individualized educational program for each child by gathering knowledge of the child’s social and emotional wellbeing, encouraging their interests and guiding their learning.  Classrooms are museums for learning based on early learning standards. Curriculum is planned with intention throughout each day.


KAHELC does not discriminate. Children, families and staff of all races, nationalities, and religions are welcome. The Center respects cultural diversity and incorporates it into the daily curriculum. Kendal at Hanover is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Center supports inclusion of all children, regardless of their abilities. To implement inclusive practices, the Center will develop appropriate training programs which will prepare parents and staff to meet the needs of children and their families.

KAHELC tuition rates are based on review of a market rate survey prepared by The Upper Valley Child Care Association and in conjunction with the Child Care Research and Referral Agency.  The tuition schedule is reviewed annually, with changes and adjustments effective January 1st.

Payment of Tuition

Community families pay through the ACH Debit system.  Staff members may make payment through the KAH payroll deduction program.   KAHELC does not accept credit card payments.  Tuition is due in advance and is billed on a bi-weekly, flat rate basis.   Flat rate means families are billed the same rate for the two week period regardless of any school closing including holidays, in-service days, or inclement weather.

New Hampshire and Vermont Subsidy Programs

KAHELC is a registered provider with the New Hampshire and Vermont Child Care Subsidy programs.  For more information and to review eligibility, please visit the websites listed below or speak to the Director.


Contact Information

Office of the Director    603.643.7020

Infant Classroom           603. 643.7018

Toddler Classroom        603.643.7067

Preschool Classroom   603.643.7017