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Together, transforming the experience of aging

Caroline Riggs was the first person to sign up for Kendal at Hanover in 1991. She celebrated her 98th birthday in January 2014. Caroline lives in Assisted Living but often eats in the main dining room and is a source of many stories about the beginning of Kendal at Hanover. She is the representative of her neighborhood on the Residents Council.

Caroline’s story started in Garden City on Long Island, N.Y., and progressed through many locations, including service with the Red Cross at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Maine. After many years of summers in Vermont and the death of her first husband, she and a dear friend heard about the “new Kendal in Vermont” and agreed to come to Kendal at Hanover together. It was at Kendal that she met Lorrin Riggs and they began to share their lives.

Lorrin and Caroline Riggs

Lorrin and Caroline Riggs

Lorrin was a graduate of Dartmouth and after the war was a much-honored professor. He was a pioneer in neuroscience research and founded the still active “Professors at Kendal.” His research is still recognized in scientific circles. With Lorrin by her side, Caroline pursued her many interests and they traveled extensively together.

Lorrin and Caroline came to Kendal for the security of continuing care and helped ensure that by purchasing a Charitable Gift Annuity, with the remainder to go to Kendal at Hanover. Although Lorrin has died, Caroline continues to exemplify Kendal’s mission of “Together, transforming the experience of aging.” Her family is delighted that she is at Kendal and is not alone after Lorrin’s death.

In her own words: “Lorrin and I have been able to prepare for end of life issues that face us all. I can’t say enough for the friendships of residents and personal care given to us all by our wise and caring staff. I am so thankful to be here and that I have been able to contribute in a charitable annuity.”