"There are 38 years of experience at Kendal between us."

“There are 40 years of experience at Kendal between us.”

What keeps you coming back to work each day?

697x80-IMG_0995“Our ‘residents’ —No day goes by without a friendly phone call or a visit from a resident who’s just passing by and stops to say ‘Hi!'”

“We are very fortunate to have such pleasant residents living here at Kendal who truly care about us.”

750x839-IMG_1001“My job is very interesting. Each day I’m presented with new challenges and situations. No day is ever the same.”

“Kendal is a great place to live and it certainly is a great place to work, which I can attest to!”

701x701-IMG_1002“We love getting to know residents when they move in and being able to address their needs through their continuum of care. We work together to keep them as high functioning as they desire, maximize their quality of life and have fun while they accomplish their goals.”