Here at Kendal at Hanover we promote active aging – living as fully and actively as possible – in all areas of life AND at any age, regardless of health conditions. We embrace and support Residents (and Staff) to achieve a balance of 8 Dimensions of Wellness, defined as Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual.

We offer a variety of group exercise classes for all abilities. Our instructors are all certified by a Nationally Recognized Organization associated with the type of specialized program they instruct.


Our indoor Swimming Pool and Exercise Room are available to Residents (and Staff) 24/7. Kendal’s Wellness Coordinator offers two or more equipment orientations to acquaint you with the Keiser strength training machines and Cardiovascular pieces to guide you towards whatever your goal(s) may be. There are also regularly scheduled hours during the week that she is there to provide ongoing support and assistance for those wanting help or advice. If you prefer one-on-one, we also have a Personal Trainer available for that more individualized approach to your health and wellness. There is an additional fee for this service.

We provide complementary services such as Reiki Energy Healing and Massage Therapy as a pay-as-you-go amenity. KaH has its own inviting and private space, an Alternative Therapy Room where sessions can be scheduled in advance with any of these licensed professionals.

It’s physical inactivity that increases our risk for health, cognitive and functional decline, early retirement from the work-force, limited involvement in the community and poorer overall quality of life. The more fit you are, the more resilient your brain becomes and the better it functions both cognitively and psychologically. If you get your body in shape, your mind will follow!