Vitalize 360 – The Power of Wellness

Kendal at Hanover was an early adopter of the Vitalize 360 Program. We partnered with Orchard Cove, a CCRC in Boston, to pilot what has become an impressive senior coaching program. Vitalize 360 uses health coaching and assessment information to promote optimal wellness for successful aging. The program embraces the entire well-being of a person, the 360 degree view, and encourages older adults to consider all aspects of their lives including health, nutrition, physical and mental fitness, social connections, and a sense of purpose. The coach encourages the resident to “live their best life!”

The interdisciplinary team plays an important role in supporting the resident as they develop goals to enhance their quality of life. The Vitalize 360 coach works through the interdisciplinary team and communicates with the resident on a regular basis about their Vitality Plan.

Outcome data from the program is used by the community to evaluate individual and population health and wellness, and benchmark performance with other communities. In addition, outcome data informs wellness program operations and development, strategic planning and quality improvement.