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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Kendal at Hanover differ from “assisted” living housing?

Kendal is a Life Plan community (formerly known as a “Continuing Care Retirement Community”). The majority of the people at Kendal are living fully independent and active lives. However, one important component of our community is an assisted living program for residents who are basically self-reliant but may require help with daily living tasks. As a senior living community, Kendal is also home to those residents who have needed to move temporarily or permanently to the on-site health center. One of the beauties of the Life Plan concept is that—whether you and your spouse are in your prime or become infirm—you will never have to leave Kendal or uproot again.

Why should I move to Kendal when I’m still healthy and active?

Studies have shown that a stimulating living environment can actually contribute to a longer, healthier life. That certainly appears to be the case at Kendal, where energy begets energy. Residents not only pursue their lifelong passions but are also drawn to new interests thanks to the variety of activities, sports, travel, and educational opportunities that abound here. Because the residents shape the social, cultural, and intellectual life at Kendal, the possibilities are almost endless. In addition, some residents have mentioned that the variety of services and conveniences available here allows them to enjoy greater independence than they had in their former homes. As one resident put it, “Being here is both stimulating and a relief.”

What happens if my spouse has to move to the health center?

If your spouse needs to live in our health center either permanently or temporarily, you may still remain in your Kendal apartment. For couples in this situation, having the health center on site provides a tremendous advantage. Couples can easily share meals and visit as much as possible. In addition, residents of the health center are part of the community and included in as many activities as possible. For example, during our New Year’s Eve Gala, roaming musicians serenaded health center residents unable to attend the party in Kendal’s Gathering Room.

Do I have to be a Quaker to live at Kendal?

No. Kendal is a nondenominational community, although it was developed by the Quaker-rooted Kendal Corporation of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Less than 10 percent of the people who live at Kendal at Hanover are Quaker.

Is there a Wait List to live at Kendal at Hanover?

There is a Wait List at Kendal at Hanover. We strongly encourage anyone interested in living at Kendal at Hanover to join our Wait List sooner rather than later, as there is no penalty for deferring an apartment at any stage of the process.

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