Aerial View of Kendal at Hanover on the Connecticut River


Kendal at Hanover is an accredited, not-for-profit Lifecare Community characterized by mutual respect, integrity and a concern for each other’s welfare that fosters the independence, vitality, health and security of older persons and in which residents and staff may exercise their talents in a supportive environment.

Founded on Values

Founded by The Kendal Corporation, partnering with a dedicated group of Quakers, Kendal at Hanover was thoughtfully positioned close to Dartmouth College, in order to support one of Kendal’s deep-rooted values: “To Promote an Environment of Continuing Learning.” Nearby is the cultural and diverse town of Hanover, home to the nationally-recognized Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Affiliated, but Independent

Kendal at Hanover is part of the Kendal System, which is supported by The Kendal Corporation in Pennsylvania. The Kendal Corporation, formed in the early 1970s, has gained experience in the successful development and operation of services and communities for older adults.  Kendal pioneered continuing care with many intuitive programs, such as Untie the Elderly.  Based on Quaker principles and beliefs, the foundation for all Kendal communities is one of mutual respect and caring for all individuals. While operating as part of the Kendal System, Kendal at Hanover operates as an independent Life Plan community, with its own Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer.