Financial Information & Compliance

When Kendal at Hanover residents move into the community, they enter into a Residence & Care Agreement (contract) with a one-time entry fee and ongoing monthly fees. These fees cover a residence, services and amenities, and a comprehensive package of health care services including long-term care for the rest of the residents’ lives.

Form 990

The federal Form 990 can be viewed and downloaded at

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Important Documents

Below are links to documents that you may find useful. Feel free to contact us if you would like to receive hard copies.

Annual Report Cover

Annual Report

Kendal’s Annual Report reflects the previous year’s financial position and shares stories that demonstrate the ways that Kendal makes a difference in the communities where Affiliates are located. Kendal’s 2021 Annual Report tells the stories of how Kendal communities responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and social and political unrest during 2020.