Memory Support

The Whittier Memory Support Area is designed and is specifically oriented to serve Kendal residents who have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. The experienced, compassionate staff ensures safe, secure memory care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Because many individuals with Alzheimer’s disease suffer a loss of depth perception, Kendal is particularly attentive to the use of color and contrast, to distinguish walls from furniture, for example. Whittier includes an indoor-outdoor walking garden, as an alternative to Kendal’s existing outdoor circular walking garden. The large common area, includes space for the residents to participate in the therapeutic milieu. Residents enjoy socializing, music, games, and other activities. Individual choice is always respected and the daily life of residents is based on their past and current interests. It is the goal of the program is to maintain residents’ independence, offer them the support that is needed with their disease diagnosis, and maintain their connection to the Kendal at Hanover community.


Whittier Memory Support Area

Professional Support

  • Experienced, compassionate staff to provide 24-hour care
  • Medication assistance and management

Daily Living

  • Living accommodations offered within a secured, activity-based environment
  • All meals, including special diets

Community Connections

  • Activities such as musical performances, discussion groups, fitness and social events
  • Large common area includes space for participation in the therapeutic milieu

Social and recreational services

  • Use of the community center amenities, with supervision, including swimming pool, library, dining rooms, hair salon, etc.
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