Connecticut River in Hanover, NH

Social Impact

Kendal at Hanover residents and staff are active members of the Upper Valley Community. They volunteer about 10,000 hours a year—tutoring, helping in food pantries, working for environmental groups and much more.

Kendal opens riverfront park

A New Community Park

Kendal at Hanover has partnered with the Town of Hanover in a license agreement for public use of what is now called the Kendal Riverfront Park—more than 10 acres of land next to the Connecticut River. Under the terms of the agreement, members of the public will be able to park in the upland portion of park and use an existing boat launch and waterfront for river access.

Resident reads to children

Links to Nearby Schools

Kendal at Hanover has developed a special relationship with two schools—a middle school just ¼ mile away and a K-12 school also nearby. Residents often tutor, read to younger students or otherwise help students and teachers as needed. The Early Learning Center on campus also provides a way to make a difference.