Kendal at Hanover Celebrates Diversity Through International Lunch

Kendal at Hanover recently celebrated the remarkable international diversity of residents and staff by hosting an event that featured the sharing of food from different cultures and traditions. On April 6, the culinary team assisted in hosting an international lunch, where residents and staff prepared dishes from their respective cultures for the community to share.

The diversity and variety of the dishes at the international lunch were truly amazing. German bread dumplings with mushroom gravy, Fried Rice, Russian Potato Salad, Beef Burgundy, English Trifle, Spanakopita, Chicken Curry and Satay were just a few of the dishes on display. Staff and residents were eager to show off their culinary skills and share the stories behind the dishes that were special to them. Learning about different cultures and trying new foods was an excellent opportunity.

Great Success

The event was a great success, with a large turnout from staff and residents. Many were delighted to see and feel the communal atmosphere during the event, with members of the community bonding over food, stories, and culture. Everyone appreciated the different people, traditions and flavors that define Kendal at Hanover.

women at table with food

“Kendal at Hanover will continue to host events, like the international lunch, and remain committed to celebrating and fostering our community’s diversity,” expresses David Urso, Chief Operating Officer.  The benefits of diversity extend further than just food; it helps us appreciate our differences and build bonds with each other.

This experience was yet another reminder of the richness of the human experience and the joy that comes from sharing it. Kendal at Hanover continues to look forward to more events like this in the future and always promotes a sense of belonging amongst all members of the community.